2012 was the 50th Anniversary of the LIGRC.

Since 1962 our goal has been to promote one of America's favorite dog breeds. Our members participate in agility, breed conformation, field, obedience, rally and/or tracking. If you love your Golden and are interested in doing more with your dog we encourage you to join us.

About Golden Retrievers

For years the Golden Retriever has been one of America's best loved dogs. The Golden is a sporting dog found in the field; and at agility, obedience, rally trials, tracking events and the show ring.

Goldens are outside dogs. From their beginnings as field dogs in the Highlands of Scotland they were always part of the outdoors. Their thick double coat was developed to withstand the harsh Highland winters and rigors of cold streams and thick brush. They require exercise and activity to keep them busy and fit. They love doing simple things such as going for walks in the woods or the beach. While Goldens love being with people, they think there is nothing wrong with finding a puddle or a mud hole to roll in and then come home soaking wet or covered in mud with a big smile that says, Love Me!

Upcoming Club Events:

The following is a list of events that are starting within the next four weeks.
(Before February 19, 2020).
A complete list of scheduled events can be found on the Events Calendar page.

Feb 06, 2020LIGRC 2020 all breed RALLY @ 6 pm
Judge Joyce Rienzo
at Doggie U Bayshore
FMI Rally chair Sandra Vigliotti sandyvig@aol.com
Superintendent Jim Rau (www.raudogshows.com) for premium list
back to back Friday and Saturday
Friday sweeps judge Samantha Keeler
conformation judge Nancy Talbot
Saturday sweeps judge Marianne Miller conformation judge Ann Yuhasz
at Doggie U Bayshore
Superintendent Jim Rau (www.raudogshows.com) for premium list
Feb 09, 2020LIGRC 2020 SPECIALTY
AM trial Goldens only, PM trial all breeds
judges Don Levinson and Nancy Withers
at Doggie U Bayshore
FMI Sandy Vigliotti sandyvig@aol.com
Superintendent Jim Rau (www.raudogshows.com) for premium list

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