In Loving Memory

Canterbury Taylor Made of Gold UDX5, JH, VC, CCA, CGC (Taylor) owned by Brenda Verderosa 12/10/2000-2/15/2012 owned and loved by Brenda Verderosa

Det. Sgt. Wm. G. Wagner Jr (Sarge) owned by Buddy Wagner 9-7-07 died 7-24-15. Gone to soon

McMullin of Merrywood CDX, SH, WCX (Mullins) owned by Freya Stein 8/12/2001 to 9/30/16

Gemstar ' s Celestial Navigator CGC (Beacon) owned by Mary Jane Malko 10/7/2001 to 3/24/2016 owned and loved by Mary Jane Malko

Goldrul ' s Merimaur Kentuc ' key Derby CD RN (Brody) owned by Daniell Donovan 2/5/2009 to 1/27/2017 owned and loved by Danielle Donavan

Sunfire ' s Ketch Me If You Can, a.k.a. Tula MH, UD, WCX (Tula) owned by Freya Stein went to the Bridge and to her Dad, Jerry August 27,2017..Loved and truly missed every day~~

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