Before purchasing a Golden Retriever Puppy please contact our puppy referral person.

Take the time to educate yourself about Golden Retrievers and the breeder, ask plenty of questions. Do not be misled by anyone who says, "I don't have it now, but I can get it for you." The chances are that this breeder may not have the puppy for you. You will want to go to the golden Retriever Club of America website. The GRCA has an excellent web page for all those interested in a Golden Puppy.


The club does not recommend, we just provide this list as a courtesy.

To reach our puppy referral chairperson please contact: Mary Jane Malko at

The breeders listed below are LIGRC members who have recently had litters. Appropriate hip, elbow, heart, and eye clearances for these litters have been submitted to the puppy referral chairperson.

Justine Tietjen
Litters due mid spring
strong field/obediience background
text 631 807 8263
Kevin Doyle
puppies expected late May
kdoyle096@aol.comcell 516 578 9524

The LIGRC is not responsible for member's representations or conditions. Clearances stated should be verified with written documentation from the applicable organizations.

You can find more information about these health clearance organizations on our Resources Page.

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