So you want to get a Golden Retriever . . .

Well, here's some additional information to check out before making that final decision. Whether you ultimately choose a Golden or another breed the responsibilities of owning a dog are the same. You must be prepared to . . .


Golden Retrievers are a Medium size breed. Males should be between 23-24 in. at the withers (shoulders) and weigh approximately 65-75 pounds. Females should be between 21-1/2 to 22-1/2 in. and weigh between 55-65 pounds.

Temperament/Activity Levels:

Golden Retrievers can range from low to high energy dogs. Their desire to please and over enthusiasm, at times, makes them seem larger than they are. They require exercise and training which will help burn off some of that extra energy. Any dog who is bored or has energy to burn may develop behavior problems such as: digging, chewing, barking and fence jumping.

Generally, Goldens love water! They are attracted to rain, snow, water, mud, puddles, slime and muck. If you like a spotless home with beautiful fragile items, a Golden Retriever is probably not for you. Goldens are retrievers and like to pick-up things: kids toys, shoes, clothing and anything not nailed down. A solution to this is to call your dog to you, remove the item and replace it with something acceptable for the dog: a bone or toy.

Goldens are not watchdogs! If you are looking for a watchdog do not get a Golden. An intruder to your home is most likely to encounter a tail wagging dog with a toy in its mouth.

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